Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update on Linda and Roberto Cedillos

This is from a Facebook post she shared on Monday:

I just thought I would let you know my husband Roberto's Visa was denied and he was told he cant apply for anything until 2017. That's 4 more years I am so suppose to be without my husband and my daughter Victoria without her father. This is a really messed up country to think that you spend 5 years paying thousands and doing papers trying to be good, do what's right and then your ripped away from your family. I havent seen my husband in almost 16 months and my daughter has had to suffer without her dad all this time. Where is the right as a citizen to pursuit of happiness in this whole situation? Had we stayed in the shadows and not tried to be honest and legal then we would stand a better chance to file papers when the new bills are passed. If only my husband had not crossed and turned himself into ICE agents trying to do the right thing then he would not have had a court date and missed it. "If only" but we know it is to late for that. God bless.